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2023.10 - Back on the mat

All classes resuming as normal from today. See you all on the mat!
Posted 2023.09.28


Aikido Dulwich

We offer Aikido training based between West Dulwich, Crystal Palace, Gipsy Hill, and West Norbury, London. Aikido is a unique, dynamic Japanese martial art based on principles of non-competition and non-resistance. Aikido is practised worldwide both as an art of practical self-defence and as an art of self-cultivation. Though Aikido is not a religious art, there are many who consider it a spiritual practice also.

We practice a soft, dynamic and technical form of Aikikai Aikido. The origins of this style are with Tanaka Bansen Shihan, a pre-war student of Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba. We are affiliated to the Osaka Aikikai in Japan. Our gradings are ratified through them by Tokyo Honbu.

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About Us
Our Teachers



Gabriel Chin-Cave


Gabriel has trained in Aikido since 2011

He visited Koshiro dojo and attended Osaka Aikikai summer school in 2018

Club Lineage

20180525_131455 Small.jpg
Morihei Ueshiba.jfif

Morihei Ueshiba

植芝 盛平
Ueshiba Morihei
December 14, 1883 – April 26, 1969
Founded Aikido in the early 20th century


Bansen Tanaka

田中 万川
Tanaka Bansen
March 1912 – December 1988
Trained by the founder and given the name Bansen ("Ten thousand rivers") for his Aikido which seemed to flow and change direction without pause, Tanaka Bansen established the Osaka Aikikai in the 1950s, with which this club is affiliated

Club Lineage

Very friendly and welcoming Aikido Dojo, very nice premises, nice bunch of people learning Aikikai aikido.


Phillip James McGoldrick

A community orientated place aimed at self-improvement and harmonising. Recommended for anyone looking to improve balance, groundedness, mental health and overall life style. - The teacher Istvan Steve Koloh is one of the most dedicated individuals: caring, inquisitive and deeply passionate. A place of true integrity, this form of Aikido is nurturing and flowy and very inspired.


Arjun Thandi

Istvan (Sensei) helped connect me with true spirit of Aikido: Budo, Zen, Center to center connection. I was sad to leave due to change in personal circumstances.


Andrea Dyer

There is a lovely presence here at Dulwich Aikikai Aikido. I am really enjoying my beginners course which is being taught very well with excellent instruction. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and respectful to each other. I recommend trying it out - we have a lot of fun while learning this great art and keeping fit :)


Community focused dojo, with the right balance of the way, technique, philosophy and fun.


Highly recommended!

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