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Aikikai Aikido Dulwich offers Aikido training every Tuesday and

Thursday in West Dulwich, London. Aikido is a unique, dynamic Japanese

martial art combined with mindfulness. We relate to Aikido as "Zen in motion".

Practising "Zen in motion" will see you quickly gain the benefits of


Morihei Ueshiba (植芝 盛平 Ueshiba Morihei, December 14,

1883– April 26, 1969) was a martial artist and founder of the Japanese

martial art of Aikido. The son of a landowner from Tanabe, Ueshiba studied several martial arts in his youth and served in the Japanese Army during the Russo-Japanese War. After being discharged in 1907, he moved to Hokkaidōas the head of a pioneer settlement; here he met and


Aikikai Foundation (財団法人合気会 Zaidan Hōjin Aikikai) is

the original aikido organisation. It has been an incorporated entity in Japan

since 1940. The head of the Aikikai Foundation is called Doshu, the living

successor of the founder of aikido. In its name, Kai (会) means assembly or club. The Aikikai Foundation operates Hombu dojo, which is also named

Aikido World Headquarters. It is known by other names, for example, the





I started Aikido and later on Weapon Training in June 2018. After my first session, I already felt massive benefits to my health. I had for many years, continually aching shoulders due to carrying rucksacks, and no exercises seemed to ease my discomfort. However, after my very first Aikido class, I immediately noticed that my aching in the shoulder had gone!

That is not all! After every session, I had an incredible feeling of well-being. I felt so energised ready to start my day and feel I could accomplish a lot.


I have enjoyed training with my instructor, Istvan in Dulwich and the other students!

Thank you so much!

—  Yasmin Mayers



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