"Study how water flows in a valley stream, smoothly and freely between the rocks. Also, learn from holy books and wise people. Everything - even mountains, rivers, plants and trees - should be your teacher."

Morihei Ueshiba

Istvan Koloh


1st DAN 

Japanese: 初段 Hepburn: Shodan

Dojo Cho

Istvan began his aikido training in 2013, in Croydon.

In January 2014, he joined Aikikai Aikido Wimbledon club where he met Sensei Karesz Hoffer.

There, during the summer of 2014, he met Atsushi Mimuro Shihan. Istvan received his Shodan (black belt first dan) grade from Mimuro Shihan in the summer of 2017.


He still practices in Wimbledon whenever possible.

He always wanted to give something back to his local community. So, with the help of Mimuro Shihan, Karesz Hoffer Sensei and other fellow aikidokas, Istvan opened Aikikai Aikido Club in Dulwich. He joined the Lancashire Aikikai in the autumn of 2019. 


"Aikido derived from a combat system, Daito Ryu Aiki-Jujitsu. However, its aim is self-defence but not through combat but self-improvement.


Aikido is a life long spiritual journey,"

Istvan Koloh


It was also the journey of a lifetime when Istvan travelled to Japan in 2018. Not only he met up with Mimuro Shihan at his hometown, but he also had the opportunity to be his uke (training partner) for the 56th All Japan Aikido Demonstration.​ While in Japan, Istvan attended many classes at the Hombu Dojo (Aikido central dojo) in Tokyo, trained with several senior students of Mimuro Shihan. He also visited one of the new generations of aikido teachers, Shirakawa Ryuji Sensei at his dojo in Sendai.

Aikido Shinburenseijuku


The trip to the birthplace of Aikido only strengthened Istvan’s commitment to introduce Aikido philosophy and practice to his community, to help people of different ages to gain confidence and improve their health.



Aikido Coach Level 1 (CL1)