"Budo is full of such opposite concepts. Movement in stillness, stillness in motion. In motion, yet immovable. They sound like Zen koans. But with our bodies, We can gain a clear understanding of such ideas. We forge such a body, and such a mind, rather than simply trying to learn techniques."

Seigo Yamaguchi Shihan​


7th DAN Shihan

Japanese: 七段 Hepburn: Shichidan

Technical Director


7th Dan Aikido (2014/1/12 “Aikikai Foundation” Kagami Biraki)


6th Dan Aikido (1995/1/8 “Aikikai Foundation” No.661)

Coach of Meiji University AIKIDO Club For 20 Years


Mimuro has been trained for more than 20 years under Seigo Yamaguchi Shihan(Master) of AIKIKAI Foundation HQ since he was a student of AIKIDO club of Meiji University.

"Enjoy Practice Aikido Together"

Atsushi Mimuro


For two and half years from 1991 Mimuro was working in the Tahiti (French Polynesia) and instructed AIKIDO.


Mimuro Sensei established The Yokohama International Aikido Club in September 1997.


From June 2008, He concentrates on the guidance of the aikido in Japan and foreign countries.


Born in November 1954.

He has taught at UWC Maastricht Netherlands from 2014-2016



He is currently teaching at UWC ISAK Japan.

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Yokohama International Aikido Club